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developerGame Arts (PC-8801, FM77AV, Sega CD)
Sierra On-Line (Apple II GS, TRS-80 CoCo, MS-DOS)
designerTakeshi Miyaji
releasedPC-8801Template:Vgrelease FM-77AVTemplate:VgreleaseApple II GS, TRS-80 CoCoTemplate:VgreleaseMS-DOSTemplate:VgreleaseSega CDTemplate:Vgrelease
latest releaseNO_LATEST_RELEASE
genreShoot 'em up
Third-person rail shooter
modesSingle player
platformsPC-8801mkII SR, FM-77AV, Apple IIGS, TRS-80 CoCo, MS-DOS, Sega CD

(Silpheed | シルフィード | Shirufīdo |) is a video game by Game Arts and designed by Takeshi Miyaji.

The original Silpheed game was created for the NEC PC-8801, and released on December 5, 1986.

Another version for the FM-7 was released on March 3, 1988.

In the same year, the game was brought to the United States for the first time by Sierra On-Line who ported the game to DOS PCs and other platforms.

Silpheed is the name of the spacecraft that the player controls. Like many shooter games, the story involves using the Silpheed as Earth's last effort to save itself from destruction by a powerful enemy Alien invasion. The original 1986 NEC PC-8801 version used 3D computer graphics on top of a tilted third-person backdrop.


The storyline is that in the future (no date is specified, though 3032 is referred to as the date when an alien ship was discovered that led to rapid technological advancement and allowed humans to colonize outer space).

A terrorist named Xacalite has stolen "planetary buster" missiles and a battleship named Gloire and the fleet is not close enough to Earth to get there before Xacalite destroys it, so the supercomputer Yggdrassil orders the experimental SA-08 Silpheed fighter to be used to destroy Gloire.