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Eye of the Beholder is a role-playing video game for PC and game consoles. Westwood Associates developed it  and Strategic Simulations published it in 1991. There are releases for DOS, Amiga, Sega CD and the SNES.
The Sega CD version features a soundtrack composed by Yuzo Koshiro. 
A port to the Atari Lynx handheld was developed by NuFX in 1993, but was not released. 
In 2002 the game was an adaptation of the same name was developed by Pronto Games for the Game Boy Advance.

The game has two sequels, Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon (1991), and Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor (1993).
The third game, however, was not developed by Westwood.
After acquired by Virgin Interactive in 1992 they created the Lands of Lore series instead.


The lords of the city of Waterdeep hire a team of adventurers.
They have to investigate an evil coming from beneath the city.
The adventurers enter the city’s sewer, but the entrance gets blocked by a collapse. That was caused by Xanathar, the eponymous beholder.
The team descends further beneath the city.
Going through Dwarf and Drowclans, to Xanathar’s lair.
Where the final confrontation takes place.

Once the eponymous beholder is killed.
The player would be treated to a small blue window describing that the beholder was killed.
Then adventurers returned to the surface where everybody treated them as heroes.

In the ending there is no accompanying graphics.
This was changed in the later released Amiga version, which featured an animated ending.


Eye of the Beholder featured a first-person perspective in a three-dimensional dungeon, very similar to the earlier Dungeon Master
The player controls four characters, initially, using a point-and-click interface to fight monsters.
Heroes pack can increase to a maximum of six characters, by resurrecting one or more skeletons from dead.

Player can increase the size of the heroes party through the recruiting of NPCs. That is a tradition in all of the Eye of the Beholder series.
You can also import a party from Eye of the Beholder into sequels. 

The Legend of Darkmoonor and Assault on Myth Drannor.
Now player can play through all three games with the same party.

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